I found this sunny image and found it to be fitting. Today is one of the most beautiful spring days we have had. I was lucky enough to spend the morning at the park with my nephews. I enjoyed not only the sunshine but seeing everyone around us smiling, laughing, and being genuinely happy. It made me smile and remember that I do, can know what happiness is. And in time I will.

I made a phone call because I needed to reschedule my psychiatry appointment since it interferes with work. The assistant or scheduler who sits in the office is so very rude. He was not understanding me and even hung up on me! This is not a bashing or venting session, too much. After I looked at my phone and saw he hung up, I immediately got angry and felt my anxiety beginning to rise. I took a few deep breaths, looked outside at this beautiful spring day, and began to relax. I remembered that my doctor said I could email her if I needed anything. So I did. I made sure the appointment was cancelled and that I could reschedule.

When this happens, I get very tired. It’s like my anxiety can sometimes suck all of the energy out of me. Has this ever happened to you? What things help you to relax?



Today is a new beginning

I finally did it! I have always had a dream to do some writing, specifically publish a book, but I will start with a blog. The book will come later in life. I must have dreamt of this because I woke up around 2 am to do start it. Hopefully its fate?

I want to introduce you to Blissfully brave! I chose this name because it is what I am going to blog about: happiness and anxiety. I am someone who suffers from anxiety daily. Because of this, I have always been hesitant to write a book or a blog. I was afraid to let my voice be heard. With some recent changes in my life, I decided now is the time to start.

This is going to sound crazy and confuse everyone because of the name I chose, however, I am unsure what happiness is. Don’t get me wrong, I know happiness exists. I see happiness in the small things. But how do you know if you are truly happy?

This is what I wish to talk about! I want to say that it is okay to not know. It is okay to be unsure. It is okay to always wonder and worry. Anxiety is not something to be ashamed about and not knowing happiness is not something to be concerned. I want to post those small things that make me smile and feel content. And when I am having a difficult day of anxiety, I want to share my day with you to show that it is okay.

Stay tuned for more!